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Recent grants 2015

Generosity in action!

2015 Grants

Name of Grant Submitted by:
Orchesis Drive-A-Thon Fundraiser for Warm-Ups Kristin Hill
Women’s Grant – Dumbbells Michelle Tranchita
Book Mobile Tracy Minnihan and Katie Sorensen
iPads and accessories for PE Technology Maura Moulton
3D Printers Michael Fleetwood, Ryan Schrader
SSD #427 Summer fitness challenge Kelly Meyer SE & N
Plenty of Plein Air Joe McCormick – HS
Flight Control Station Nicholas Weydert – HS
iPad Air 2 Jonathan S. Walter
Class Set of Non-graphing Scientific Calculators Jason Rietdyk, SHS
Community Garden Compost Project Kreg Wesley, Erin Elder, DCCG
Auditorium Communication System David Olson, SHS
Fieldhouse Cardio Room Maura Moulton, Justin Mitchell
Technology & Fitness PE/Health @SMS Pam Nelson
Heart Adventure Course Chris Horan, Ray Horan, Alex Nelson, Andrew Stacy, Rob Stover
LEAF – MCL Cody Shears and Beth Foose
21st Century Library: The Library Commons Mark Ekstrom and Michele Whisenhunt
Mass Customized Learning Joel Knoblock
Spartan TV Broadcast Trailer David Olson
High School English Laptop Cart Ben Doty, Rich Majerus, Beth Fitzenreider
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