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May 9, 2022


The Foundation is hiring a part-time Executive Director to continue growing the Sycamore Education Foundation. SEF is currently engaged in many new, innovative initiatives that will accelerate the development of the Foundation in its mission to enhance education for all district students. The Executive Director will be afforded a hybrid work schedule and will office at the Sycamore CUSD #427 District Administration building during in-office work days.

The Director will be employed by Sycamore CUSD #427 and will report directly to the SEF Board. The Director will serve as the chief executive officer and administrator in charge of all Foundation activity and growth as well as the primary liaison between the Foundation and the Sycamore School District, Sycamore community, and Sycamore alumni.

Competence in the following functions is essential to the success of this position, and applicants should demonstrate proficiency in each (percentages indicate desirable time allocation):

1. Development (60%):

● Coordinate the fund development processes and adhere to best practice in management of charitable gifts, scholarships, alumni committee and outreach and estate planning
● Meet high standards of achievement in organizing, managing, and implementing public events
● Engage the community to expand the fundraising efforts of the SEF. Fundraising management can include: event planning and execution, grant writing/reporting, direct appeals, maintaining donor relations and donor management system, planned giving, and corporate support

2. Communications and Stakeholder Engagement (20%):

● Demonstrate communication skills required to support both the daily management needs and the public relations needs of the organization
● Elicit and develop the active involvement of Board members, volunteers, and other SEF stakeholders
● Social media and website management/email marketing

3. Fiscal Management (10%):

● Lead the planning, implementation, analysis, and accountability for the organization’s annual budget
● Maintenance/daily accounting responsibilities using Quickbooks
● Monthly financial report

4. Organizational planning (5%):

● Bring vision and broad knowledge to the annual planning and long range planning processes of the SEF

5. Board Governance (5%):

● Support the governing function of the Board of Directors and the Board member development process, and implement and administer all policies formulated by the Board


● Ability to commit to evening and weekend engagements for fundraising events, Board meetings, and other necessary engagements
● Bachelor’s Degree in Nonprofit Management or related industry
● Experience in social media marketing


Dedicated to excellence in education for all students, the SEF was founded in 1984 as an independent, not-for-profit organization working in partnership with Sycamore Schools and the community. The SEF engages with community members, businesses, and local foundations to support its mission to enhance education for all district students. Detailed information about the SEF and its mission can be found on the SEF website