Sycamore Education Foundation

Archive: 2017

The Active Classroom

Southeast Elementary Providing adjustable height open front desks with swinging foot rest to meet the needs of student with active learning styles.

Little Spartans Wheeled Outdoor Equipment

South Prairie Elementary Providing Specialized bikes and safety equipment that is easily customized for each child and provides optimal learning and motor skills development.

One District, One Book

All Elementary Schools Grant by Barresi Family- in honor of Victor, former SEF board member. victorA generous donation from the Barresi family to honor Victor. One District, One Book – This year all five elementary schools are participating in the second One District, One Book in which all families will receive more

Blink Arm Bands in PE

Sycamore Middle School Utilizing wearable heart rate monitor technology to provide instant feedback to students regarding their heart rate zone and perceived exertion in activity.

Building Reading Fluency

Southeast Elementary Improving reading skill and fluency for first and second grade students. This is accomplished by providing high quality take home books that can be taught in the class and brought home for repeated readings to build fluency.

“Put It on the Booooard, Yes!”

Sycamore High School Mobile art displays for the entire district to utilize. Initial use was the 2017 Conference Art Contest hosted by Sycamore.