Sycamore Education Foundation

Archive: 2018

iPads for Speech and Language Therapy

Sycamore High School The apps available for the iPad cover a wide range of speech and language disorder interventions. These will allow teachers to model and work one-on-one with students successfully with the the new iPad technology.

Renovating the Library at North Elementary School

North Elementary School This grant is part of the larger library redesign. New shelving, tables, chairs, circulation equipment, lounge seating, and upgraded technology (computer) lab are part of the renovation. The goal is to provide a safe, positive learning environment for the students and the community.

Google Expeditions Kit

West Elementary School The use of this technology provides engaging interactive lessons of places all over the world. It's taking a field trip without leaving the school.

High School PE Yoga Props

Sycamore High School Yoga straps and bolsters to use during Physical Education classes. Health and wellness is the foundation for success, benefitting the Sycamore students for the future by learning calming techniques, body awareness and more.