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Archive: 2019

Sphero Robots and iPads

Sphero Robots

Sycamore Middle School The STEM/CTE Department at the SMS received 15 Sphero Bolt Robots and 8 iPads to support all 6th grade students enrolled in STEM: Engineering and after school clubs.  These devices are designed to inspire curiosity, creativity, and invention through coding.  This technology will help students to foster a more

Standing Desks


Sycamore Middle School Each 6th grade classroom received three standing desks.  The students have greatly appreciated having the opportunity to learn in a non-traditional style. Standing has proven to be an effective way to improve memory and focus, and research shows that classroom standing desks can also enhance cognitive skills and more

Diverse Books

Sycamore Middle School The seventh grade population for years to come will benefit from diverse books funded through a grant provided by SEF.  Using literature as a tool, the novels purchased have created an opportunity for students to talk about race, ethnicity, gender, identification, sexual orientation, and disability in a transformative more

iPads to support Seesaw application

North Grove Elementary School All 1st grade classrooms received five new iPads for the students to share.  The addition of the new iPads for each classroom has created a 1 iPad per 3 student ratio.  While using the Seesaw application, students can practice their reading fluency, math skills and knowledge, storytelling/summarizing, more


South Prairie Elementary School Students need opportunities to explore, design, build and innovate. South Prairie is excited to start their first markerspace, hands-on area. K'nex, Legos, Strawbees "Crazy Scientist Kit" and more will being included.

Sensory Floor Path

Southeast Elementary School Students will walk, hop, skip and jump through a series of physical activities with carefully placed floor stickers in the gym hallway. The goal is to help students stay calm and regulate their bodies while at school.

Lego Wall for Maker’s Space

Southeast Elementary School The lego wall is planned to be placed in the kindergarten hallway to be used by all three kindergarten classrooms at Southeast. This will be in addition and to enhance their already existing maker's space.

CNC Milling Kit

Sycamore Middle School The router kit, bits and milling materials will be used for a variety of different projects within each of the STEM/CTE course and after school clubs at the middle school. The machine provides students with another resource when creating solutions to their problem-based learning tasks.

Modeling Instruction for the Modern Physics Class

Sycamore High School The Science Department at Sycamore High School will be updating some of the physics equipment to utilizing the Modeling Method of physics instruction, align experiments and activities and increate the use of technology in the physics classroom with this new equipment.


Sycamore Middle School "Acquiring meditation and mindfulness equipment for our students directly supports the Relationships Sphere's exit learner outcomes which aim to create "a person who values relationships and balances life's commitments" as outlined in the district's Strategic Design Plan. Through meditation, students can briefly unplug from their surrounding and help more