Sycamore Education Foundation

Archive: 2024

Boogie Boards for North Grove

Mrs. McCormick's class at North Grove Elementary School will be writing in style with their new Boogie Board Tablets! These are alternatives to white boards and dry erase markers that cut down on waste and erase with just the touch of a button.

Timing Chips for Girls Track

The Sycamore High School girls track team was awarded $2,199 to purchase a timing chip system to use for practice. This grant was made possible by the Bernice Kendall Fund for Women’s Athletics.

SMS Library

The Sycamore Middle School Library received $10,000 to purchase non-fiction titles for the collection.  Recently, over 1,600 items had to be retired due to condition and outdated content. This grant will build a foundation to begin replacing those books and add more current subject matters.

Southeast 5th Grade Books

The Southeast 5th grade classes were awarded $460.57 for novels for all 5th grade classrooms. By having the same titles available for all students, classes will be able to participate in discussions to analyze and compare different genres and topics.

SHS English Headphones

The SHS English I team was awarded $1,859.04 to purchase noise-cancelling headphones with microphones so students can learn at their own pace in the classroom with minimal distractions.

South Prairie 3-D Printer

South Prairie Elementary School was awarded $462.93 to purchase a 3-D Printer for their STEAM space. Students will be able to design objects using software and observe the designs being printed on site.

South Prairie Book Room

South Prairie Elementary School was awarded $1,500 to supply a book room with updated, current, high-interest non-fiction titles.