Sycamore Education Foundation


3D Printer

Mrs. Kerlin at North Grove was awarded $577.89 in grant funds to purchase a 3D printer. The printer will be used by both 4th and 5th grade students who will design on a three-dimensional plane using the program TinkerCad. The students will use problem solving to determine stability and strength, more

OSCAR Social Emotional Books

The Out of School Care (OSCAR) program received a $658.02 grant to purchase social-emotional books for read-alouds during OSCAR and OSCAR Jr. These books will empower students and demonstrate appropriate ways to have conversations about diversity as well as reinforce empathy, respect, and equality--three of the District's core values. Congratulations more

Podcasting Booth

The 4th Grade Team and Tech Department at North Grove Elementary School was granted $474.04 to create a podcasting booth in the technology lab. The booth will be used by students to record podcasts that will help community building, social emotional learning, and amplify students' voices. The booth will be more

ABLE Coffee Cart

Congratulations to the Sycamore Middle School ABLE Program for receiving $755.85 to purchase a coffee cart so students can prepare and sell beverages to staff at SMS. Danielle Klinger, ABLE teacher, explained that the cart will aid in teaching students about money, budgeting, grocery shopping, further integrate students within their more

Sycamore Softball Team Field

The Sycamore High School Softball Team received a $10,000 grant to aid in the construction of dugouts for their new field. Jill Carpenter, head coach, said in her grant proposal: "There is a lot of failure and growth that comes with playing sports and being involved on a team. The more

Dramatic Play Center

Mrs. Copeland with the Little Spartans Early Learning program was awarded $1,434.47 to purchase a dramatic play center for her classroom. She said in her grant proposal, " will continue to foster a love of learning from a young age, creative play that encourages individuality, drama, connection between home and more

Welding Uniforms

The Sycamore High School welding program received a $4,400 grant to purchase welding uniforms. Mr. Thurwanger, welding instructor, hopes that having upgraded uniforms will help foster a passion for the growing sector of welding in the trades industry. Congratulations to Mr. Thurwanger and the welding programs at SHS! SEF Grants are more

Digital Art Supplies

The Sycamore Middle School Art Department received a $1,456 grant to purchase iPads and iPencils for their program. Kelli Meserole (not pictured) and Katherine Katz said in their proposal, "Having iPads allows for all students to utilize their talents by having the opportunity to use a digital platform for artmaking more

West School Library

West Elementary School received a $5,000 grant to replace, replenish, and refresh the inventory in the library. Pictured is grant author Jessica Spartz, who said "Having a larger collection of books with more diverse characters that focus on topics to promote social emotional learning will help get more books in more

A Long Walk to Water

Mr. Choragwicki and Mrs. Kolzow at Southeast Elementary School received $371.40 to purchase a set of books for a novel study. The book is "A Long Walk to Water" and 5th grade students this year and in future years will benefit from this grant. Congratulations to the 5th grade team more