Sycamore Education Foundation


Classroom and Family Games

  Nicole Cabral of Southeast School received $592.11 to purchase games for her classroom that can be checked out and brought home. These games will aid students in learning basic reading and math concepts as well as social emotional learning.

Spartan TV

  Greg D'Addario and the TV Production Students we awarded $8,530.38 to purchase new lights, audio and camera equipment for the Spartan TV program. This grant was made possible by The Munter Fund.

Hallway Chats

  Heather Porter was awarded $301.99 to purchase Hallway Chats--poster sized pictures that can be used to help build vocabulary and concepts in early education students to help support them in the classroom.

Sycamore Middle School Basketball Hoops

  Jennifer Brannstrom was awarded $3,338.58 to purchase permanent outdoor basketball hoops at the Sycamore Middle School.  These hoops will not only be used for P.E. classes but will be available for students after school and on the weekends.

Social-Emotional Books

West Elementary School Mrs. Ihm received $1,272.99 to purchase social-emotional books for her classroom. This grant provides our students the opportunity to work through social and emotional topics through the use of fun books.

Graphing Calculators

Sycamore High School Mrs. Zucker and Mrs. Koehne received $1,040 in grant funding to purchase graphing calculators. Many students do not have access to a calculator to complete their work. By providing these tools for classroom use, SEF is helping to provide an equal opportunity for all students to achieve success.

Math Literature

All Elementary Schools Lisa Winters, Instructional Math Coach, received $584.33 in grant funding to purchase math literature. She supports all the elementary schools within Sycamore Community School District 427 so there are a large number of students who will benefit from these books.

Shared Reading Book Library

Southeast Elementary School Southeast Elementary School received $1,500 in grant funding from SEF. Mrs. Cabral, Mrs. Henson, Mrs. Mallar and Mrs. Middleton submitted a grant for a shared reading book library to support their kindergarten and 1st grade classrooms. Their goal is to extend reading comprehension and teach higher level thinking more

Integration of Diversity and Social-Emotional Learning Through Picture Books

West Elementary School Elisa Rubeck and Jolene Ward of West Elementary School received $1,405.13 in SEF grant funding to purchase new texts for their libraries. As reading specialists, they recognized a need for more diverse, inclusive and social emotional learning (SEL) picture books to enrich their program. These books will be more

Apple Technology to Support 3D Printer

Southeast Elementary School Jonathan Walters, fourth grade teacher at Southeast Elementary School, received $1,477 in grant funding to purchase Apple technology to support a 3D printer in his classroom.  Mr. Walters wrote a separate grant to 3M which was fully funded to purchase a Dremel Digilab 3D printer.