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Sycamore Education Foundation and DeKalb County Community Foundation Announce Beckam North Fillipp Memorial Scholarship

The Sycamore Education Foundation (SEF) and the DeKalb County Community Foundation are pleased to announce a new scholarship that will be available to Sycamore High School students in the graduating class of 2022. The Fillipp family has established the Beckam North Fillipp Memorial Scholarship to honor the life and legacy of their son who was taken too soon and loved beyond measure.

Beckam North Fillipp was a sweet baby boy who passed away suddenly on February 3rd, 2020 when he was only five months old. Beckam was so incredibly special before he was even born, as he was made possible through the incredible gift of surrogacy. Through the gut-wrenching, heart-shattering, live-changing loss of sweet Beckam, his family knows their lives will never be the same. Even while walking through the most unbearable loss, Beckam’s family chooses each day to lead with love by spreading acts of love and kindness as a way to honor the joy and love Beckam brought to the lives of all who knew, loved, and continue to love him. 

“This scholarship was created in hopes of turning something dark and heartbreaking into something of light and love. Our world was broken the day Beckam died. We are doing our very best to celebrate all that Beckam was to us, which is pure love and goodness, by leading with love to help others,” said Katy Fillipp, Beckam’s mother.  “Our hope is that we are able to positively impact a Sycamore High School senior that is paralleled to how that senior has positively impacted others.” 

Beckam’s family works hard to live by and spread the motto of “love harder, love stronger, love beyond measure” and through this, are hoping to support a young adult in their post-secondary plans. They believe that every single child deserves not only the opportunity to pursue their dreams, but also deserves having the access to do so. Beckam’s family hopes that the Beckam North Fillipp Memorial Scholarship will help in providing young adults more access to living the lives they’ve imagined for themselves.

“This scholarship is an incredible gift from the Fillipp family that will positively impact generations of Spartans to come,” said Lauren Holtz, SEF Executive Director.  “If you know a Sycamore High School senior who leads with love and exhibits kindness, please consider nominating them for this scholarship.”

For those interested in nominating a student, the nomination form can be accessed through the Sycamore Education Foundation website or directly here:  They must be a graduating senior, accepted to a university, junior college, or a trade school. 

Support for the scholarship comes from a new endowed Fund created at the DeKalb County Community Foundation.Those interested in contributing to the Beckam North Fillipp Memorial Scholarship, can donate by writing a check to the Sycamore Education Foundation 245 W. Exchange Street Sycamore, IL 60178 or
directly through the SEF website.  Please note the Beckam North Fillipp Memorial Scholarship under “Tribute Name”.