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Sycamore Education Foundation Awards over $27,000 in grants to Sycamore Schools

Sycamore, IL. (March 1, 2023) On Monday, February 27, the Board of Directors of the Sycamore Education Foundation (SEF) awarded $27,128 in grants to enhance educational opportunities for the students of Sycamore Community School District 427.

“Through the support of our generous partners and donors, we are able to provide funding for eleven special projects during this grant cycle” said Rachel Sauber, SEF Executive Director. “We are so thankful for our community of supporters who make it possible to continue to fund innovation and creativity in our schools. We are excited to see these grants in action.”

These grant funds will go to support a variety of projects in District 427 including:

  • A coffee cart for the Sycamore Middle School ABLE program to be able to practice essentials skills by selling beverages at the school.
  • New welding uniforms for the Sycamore High School welding program.
  • A podcasting booth at North Grove Elementary School.
  • A 3D printer at North Grove Elementary School.
  • Social Emotional Books for the OSCAR program.
  • Funds to assist with building the new Sycamore High School Softball field.
  • iPads and iPencils for the Middle School Art Program.
  • A set of books for fifth grade classrooms at Southeast Elementary.
  • A dramatic play center for the Little Spartans Program.
  • Decodable books for the Kindergarten team at North Grove Elementary.
  • Refresh of the West School Library.

Since 2018, SEF has funded nearly $320,000 in grants for Sycamore schools. The Foundation has supported a variety of projects for the District including the library renovation at North Elementary School, a 21st Century collaborative commons at Sycamore High School, digital signage, and the Spartan TV production studio and access channel. Educators, administrators, students, and staff are invited and encouraged to apply for grants in the fall and spring of each year. More details regarding grants can be found on our website at

About the Sycamore Education Foundation: 

The Sycamore Education Foundation receives and distributes private gifts from generous individuals and businesses to enrich educational opportunities for students in the Sycamore School District 427 not otherwise available through regular funding resources. The Sycamore Education Foundation supports more than 3,500 students, faculty and administrators of Sycamore School District 427.

If you’re interested in contributing to future initiatives to enhance the quality of education for our students throughout Sycamore Community School District 427, visit